According to The Vertical Serge Ibaka is being traded to the Orlando Magic for Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis and Eryan Ilyasova.

For the Nuggets this is somewhat troublesome, pairing Oladipo and Russell Westbrook together makes OKC have possibly the fastest backcourt in the entire league, plus they add a guy Denver was rumored to have interest in by getting Domantas Sabonis. Here’s hoping that Kevin Durant is going to leave because otherwise the Thunder look like a team poised to sit atop the Northwest division for years to come. Additionally, the Nuggets took Jamal Murray with the #7 overall pick and while Murray is an excellent shooter, his perimeter defense leaves a lot to be desired and the idea of him having to defend Westbrook or Oladipo for extended minutes is rather scary. Hopefully the Nuggets shore up their defense as the night progresses or they may have trouble with the Thunder for a long time.