We are so excited at Denver Stiffs to share out next project with you, and this one is for a good cause.

The last two seasons, Denver Stiffs, HopeKids, and the Denver Nuggets have joined together to produce an incredible event at Pepsi Center for HopeKids families. With the help of Denver Stiffs, hundreds of HopeKids families attended the Nuggets game on January 4th last year against the Sacramento Kings.

This year, Denver Stiffs and DNVR are partnering together with the Nuggets and HoopSwagg to produce a similar event. The goal: bring as many families as possible to the Nuggets game on Sunday, April 5th versus the Utah Jazz.

Each ticket to the game is $15, and for just that low price, you can send a kid battling cancer or other life-threatening illnesses to a Nuggets game.

Just use THIS LINK to purchase tickets.

You can also donate over the phone by calling Aaron Maldonado at 303.405.1334.

In addition to just purchasing tickets, Denver Stiffs and DNVR are also running a competitive promotion using socks from HoopSwagg! Both outlets have generated a sock design, and all proceeds will go toward the Charity event as well.

Here are the socks Denver Stiffs have created. They will also be $15, comparable to the price of one ticket. If you are coming from Denver Stiffs and wan to support HopeKids while getting some sweet Mile High City socks, make sure to check them out here!

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HopeKids Colorado is focused on bringing kids with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses together, along with their families. So many families are fighting the most difficult battle of their lives with these illnesses, but HopeKids Colorado has found that bringing kids together to help them make friends and bond can help in a not insignificant way. Hope can be a powerful medicine, and this charity event is one of many that HopeKids families will participate in during these impossible circumstances.

If you would like to learn more about HopeKids, click here.

We have had an excellent partnership with HopeKids for the last two seasons and want to make it three. Social support is absolutely critical for families with children who are battling serious illnesses and HopeKids’ events foster lasting friendships and support among people who share similar challenges. HopeKids families report that nothing is more powerful than one sick child meeting another who has recovered from the same condition. No HopeKids family is alone on this difficult journey.

One again, if you would like to send these kids to a Nuggets game so they can share in the joy we have for the game of basketball, click here to purchase tickets for the Utah Jazz game on April 5th. If you want to contribute and get some cool basketball socks along the way, click here to be directed to HoopSwagg socks.

We are counting on you Denver Stiffs!