The starters, with Juka playing for the resting Gallo, provided a great beginning, playing hard on both ends of the court and running out to an eleven point lead. Then, the bench came in, could score, and couldn't defend (not singling anyone out, because I wouldn't want to hurt JJ's feelings).

The early part of the second quarter reinforced the general malaise that is the Nuggets bench at present. Without the steadying hand of Jameer to run the show, the offense looked confused, and the defense continued to fall short. When all the starters finally returned, the eleven point lead had turned into a ten point deficit. Even with the return of the starters, the Heat continued to play with confidence, stretching the lead to thirteen at one point, and ending the half up by the same margin. The lone consistent bright spot of the half was Nurkic, playing well on both ends of the floor. Post your second half thoughts here.