Another week in the books means another week of Stump the Stiffs! The Stiffs Staff didn’t gain any additional ground last week (I suppose I’m not as good at this as I thought) but on the bright side we didn’t lose any ground to the leaders either. Meanwhile the Stiffs Commenters picked up a game on everyone. For this week we’ll keep it in house with five basketball related picks. All four of the games are inter-conference showdowns, including our Denver Nuggets facing off against the Miami Heat, and for the special pick we’re gambling on whether or not Sean Kilpatrick will get in and get a few buckets.

For our combatants this week we start with none other than the big stiff himself, the founder of Denver Stiffs, Andrew Feinstein. Our stiffs commenters are represented by a guy who probably writes more in the comments than we do in the article, the dominator, DomP. Finally, for the Nuggets subreddit we've got a man who simply can't get enough of StS, /u/teensonacid. Pick time!

Stump the Stiffs Week 11 Stiffs Staff
Andrew Feinstein
Stiffs Commenters
Heat at Nuggets Nuggets Heat Heat
Mavericks at Bulls Bulls Mavericks Mavericks
Cavaliers at Rockets Cavs Cavs Cavs
Trail Blazers at Nets Blazers Blazers Blazers

Over/Under: 5 points for Sean Kilpatri

against the Miami Heat

Under Under Over

Andrew Feinstein (@afeinst21): The Heat will be a bit rested but nevertheless will have been on the road a long time before visiting our Nuggets on Friday. The Bulls will walkover the 76ers on Thursday so count on them to beat the Mavericks. My toughest call is Cavaliers versus Rockets as the Cavs have to play IN San Antonio the night before. Look for a Cavs loss Thursday followed by a spirited angry game at Houston Friday. And the Nets are garbage and Nuggets fans want the Blazers to make the playoffs (because we get their pick if they do!) … so, umm, go Blazers?!

DomP: For Denver this is a classic letdown game after the big, emotional win against Golden State, playing a solid and experienced Heat team and likely without Jusuf Nurkic to compete against Hassan Whiteside. I have to take Miami, but here’s hoping the Nuggets prove me wrong! The Bulls are vulnerable, banged up and flying home after a game in Philly on Thursday. The Mavs have been good at taking that type of advantage when it’s there this year, so despite this one being in Chicago against potentially the second best team in the East, I have Dallas. Cavs/Rockets has some intrigue, as LeBron James and company are on a back to back after a trip to San Antonio, but at the end of the day Cleveland is just too good for a still inconsistent Rockets team. The return of Damian Lillard has seen the Blazers take out some very good teams, and the Nets haven’t been competitive most nights, despite a win against NY in their last outing. I have Portland. Over/under: Kilpatrick gets fewer than 2 minutes in what is a relatively close game most of the way against Miami, and stays comfortably under 5 points.

/u/teensonacid (@teensonacid on Instagram): Yep. I'm picking against our boys again. Last time I did that it got us the W, so I'm not gonna cheese the formula. Well that and Dwyane Wade's crew is playing pretty damn well this year. After the loss to the Cavs I think the Mavs come out angry and take the win but I feel like the Bulls will put up a decent fight. LeBron will LeBron. His form is about to settle in at peak performance. All thanks to that instagram post he referenced before our game the other day..thanks instagram. Nets/Blazers could be ugly but I expect Lillard to stomp 'em. Kilpatrick gets 16 minutes and drains 4 from downtown. Prove me wrong Nugs!!

And there you have it! As you can see we're starting to see some repeat participants in StS which is fine, if you've gone before and want to go again you're more than welcome. We'll give preference to those who want to participate for the first time but by no means should you not throw your hat in the ring again if you'd like. Get in touch with Russ Hamilton (@rscotham) to participate on the Commenters side or Alec Gwin (/u/IdRatherBeLurking) on the Reddit side.

If you're keeping score:

Stiffs Staff: 23-32

Stiffs Commenters: 25-30

Nuggets Subreddit: 31-24