Our friends over at Upside and Motor have been doing a great job covering the NBA draft and NBA summer league. One of their writers and occasional Stiffs commentor, Peter Nygaard, wrote a great scouting report on Jamal Murray that published this morning. In it, Peter provides video clips to help highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly from Murray’s performance at summer league.

On Murray attacking when defenders ICE the PnR:

"A handful of defenders have tried to ICE the pick-and-roll, but this has instead frequently worked to Murray’s advantage, as he has just enough burst to get the inside track on opposing defenders and either take it to the rim or use his size to muscle his recovering defender out of the way as he reaches into his bag of mid-range tricks."

Peter goes into great detail about Murray's strengths as a pick and roll ball-handler. Even Nate Duncan of the fantastic Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast was impressed with Murray's feel on PnR.

Oddly enough, as Peter explains in his piece, Murray is as bad defensively against the PnR as he is good offensively in it. Murray will improve a lot as a defender in his rookie season. Head coach Michael Malone will emphasize that aspect of his game all season long so Murray is sure to get a healthy dose of coaching and instruction on that end of the court.

Check out Peter's full write-up as it's definitely worth the read.