Wondering how the No. 5 thru No. 8 seeds out West will play out? Currently the Memphis Grizzlies (5), Denver Nuggets (6), Dallas Mavericks (7), and Phoenix Suns (8) are holding down the playoff spots with the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz on the outside, looking in. After the jump, I've included a handy schedule breakdown that you can use to track the remaining 4-6 games for each team, still in the hunt. Enjoy …

Memphis Denver Dallas Phoenix Houston Utah
17-Apr at T-Wolves
18-Apr vs Hornets vs Clips vs Rockets vs Thunder at Mavs at Blazers
19-Apr vs Clips at Hornets
20-Apr at Bobcats vs Warriors
21-Apr vs Blazers at Suns at Bulls vs Nugs vs Warriors vs Magic
22-Apr vs Magic at Heat
23-Apr vs Cavs
24-Apr at Jazz vs Suns
25-Apr at Thunder vs Spurs
26-Apr vs Magic at T-Wolves at Hawks vs Hornets vs Blazers