I helped out Jonathan Tjarks of SBN Dallas with his preview for tonight’s Nuggets game. Cruise over and check out my answers, Q&A style, to his five questions. Link here. Teaser after the jump …

5) What do you think the key to Wednesday’s Mavs/Nuggets game will be?

This will be the third meeting between Denver and Dallas. The Nuggets play in Denver against the Phoenix Suns the night before Wednesday’s game, so Karl must find a way to keep his team fresh. A blowout over the Suns would be preferred to get some guys some rest, but the key to beating Dallas is always the same for Denver. Run the Mavs to death, use your defense to turn Dallas into a jump shooting bunch (and contest those jumpers), and get Dirk Nowitzki out of his normal comfort spots.

For the Mavs … they’ll need to do what they did to the Nuggets in Denver on Feb. 8th. Turn Denver into a half-court team, don’t turn the ball over, and hope the Nuggets three-point shots are not falling.