Wow, you want some awesome draft talk with a draft guru? How about Jonathan Givony from Draft Express?!? He's on with Paul Flannery hitting all these talking points:

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  • Jonathan is a little concerned that too much has been made of the draft both at the top of the class and the overall depth.
  • "It's a fairly normal draft, which is not a bad thing."
  • Givony sets the top of the draft at six players, but also finds that team's opinions of each player are not universal.
  • We talked about the conference and NCAA Tournaments and whether one great performance can sway a prospect's stock.
  • Then we broke down some of the top prospects, starting with Joel Embiid. Is he the clear-cut top guy?
  • Has Andrew Wiggins been disappointing, or was the hype too much?
  • On Jabari Parker, Givony thinks he'll be a scoring machine in the pros.
  • How much of Kentucky's problems this season hurt Julius Randle?
  • Jonathan helps us unravel the Dante Exum mystery.
  • Will the incident at Texas Tech hurt Marcus Smart? "Not really," Givony says. "He has a chip on his shoulder. That's part of the appeal with him."
  • We also talked about the age limit and whether the D-League can develop players as well as college programs.
  • Jonathan is also really high on some of the international prospects.

It's hard to figure out what the Nuggets will do until we know what pick they'll have, but even then it's going to be crazy to see how things play out with the draft. I have talked myself into and out of a few guys already. If the Nuggets got the fourth pick, can they pass on Randle? Would you snag Exum? What if Denver gets a top 3 pick … then what? What if Denver has the seventh pick? Do they gamble a bit or take the most NBA ready guy … like a Marcus Smart? Crazy times.

Get your ears ready!

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