In late August of 2010, Andrew Feinstein sent me a text message asking to talk. He and I had a contentious relationship as I saw fit to be openly critical of Andy in the comment section. jpage78 would disagree with pretty much everything Andy said. Whether I truly believed what I was saying was another question entirely (you know I enjoy a good debate with you Andy).

Anyway, under a month later, I was the third writer at Denver Stiffs. Joining Andy and Nate Timmons. Little did I know that Andy and Nate would become close personal friends who both changed and made my life better in many, many ways.

After seven years of Nuggets ups and downs and more, it’s time for me to step aside from my role as proprietor at Denver Stiffs to let a new era of writers come in shape the course of Denver Stiffs like Andy, Nate and myself did all those years ago. To put your fingerprints on a new time, just like there is a new era of the NBA.

As for the genesis of this decision, I have to say it began when my buddy Nate Timmons decided to depart Stiffs for BSN Denver back in 2015. To put this into perspective … Nate, Andy and myself worked closely together for so long building Stiffs to what it was at that time. From the three of us splitting previews and recaps (one year I covered the Kurt Rambis Minnesota Timberwolves FOUR times … it was … not fun), organizing every Stiffs Night Out, gaining the trust and legitimacy in order to be credentialed by the Denver Nuggets (largely down to Nate), and eventually forming the monster podcast Colorado Sports Guys which is still going strong after almost 5 years (Ross “Hipster Gasses” Martin with a special shout out). The three of us were in the bunker together and when Nate left, even though he is still one of my best friends, it was like losing a limb. Andy and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves or the site.

A desire to search for a new challenge and my love of baseball (I’ve been a baseball fan forever … my mother used to watch the Cubs on WGN back in the 1980’s and I became a fan of the game back then) led me to search for something else. I made my decision over the course of a year … and that length of time will tell you how difficult this change was for me.

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Adam Mares (brought on by Nate and myself … Adam I still remember our initial meeting at Media Day 2014 and then again at Barnes & Noble when we decided to bring you on as a writer. Remember those graphics you used to use for your columns?) has stepped in and has, I can honestly say, taken what was built and made it go supernova. Denver Stiffs recent success and visibility is a product of Adam’s hard work and determination. He has also brought an element of analytics that has connected with the modern NBA that you would NEVER get from Andy and myself. In short the site is in very good hands.

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Over the past year, as our great and talented writing team has expanded (special shout out to Mike Olson who is a superstar in every sense of the word and since he came on in 2012 has been nothing short of amazing) to include people who have distinct writing personalities and people who aren’t afraid to put their stamp on their columns. Here is to Zach Mikash, Gordon Gross, Ryan Blackburn, Kayla Osby, Colin Neilson (the original 4th member of Denver Stiffs), Evan Fiala, Ashley Douglas and Daniel Lewis. Everyone who has passed through Denver Stiffs has made the site better and I thank you so sooo much for that.

Thanks to everyone who reads Denver Stiffs. Everyone who comments and who I feel like I have known forever … or at least since the days of jpage78. Not a lot left who go back that far, BUT, you know who you are. Thank you for sticking with us/me for all these years and making us your go-to spot for the Nuggets. I met many of you at Stiffs Night Out and thank you for your support all these years. Without our readers we are nothing.

I'd be remiss if I didn't send a special shout to Seth Pollack and the good people at SB Nation who have allowed me a platform to write for lo these many years. Thank you for that platform and all the help you gave me. I've learned so much.

A final thank you to Nate and Andy. I honestly never knew that both of you would become great friends like you are. Andy it’s amazing that after disagreeing with everything you said we would find time to agree occasionally! More than that as an ardent supporter of LGBTQ rights you will always be my ally. Nate … you the man. Always have been and always will be. You made us legitimate as bloggers and everyone in Denver blogger media owes you a debt of gratitude. Glad to call you my friend.

Thank you everyone. Keep being awesome and remember that I’m not going anywhere … just moving to a new place across the street. Maybe I’ll pop up some time as jpage78 in the comment section? You never know.

Thanks for reading.