As we wait for news on JaVale McGee and anything else Nuggets related, why not take a little break?

As many of you know, and as a lot of you have attended, we host Stiffs Night Out at least once a season (and the Nuggets are 4-2 on SNO). At these events, we get a chance to meet and talk face-to-face. And the funny thing about it? I meet a lot of folks who tell me, “I don’t comment on the site, but I’ve been reading since the Fire George Karl days/Pickaxe and Roll days.”

Well, I'm asking those of you who don't normally comment, to comment now. Tell us your story. And for our regular comments, this would be a good time to give us a refresher on your Nuggets "fandom" as well. Let us know how you started following the team, how you found our community here, and anything you'd like about yourself.

I'll start it off …

I've been blogging, right here, for SB Nation since January 2009 when I took over Pickaxe and Roll. The community here had dwindled way down as the site sat vacant for a couple of months. But once I started showing that this was a consistent place to get some Nuggets talk, we started growing.

I had heard of this controversial writer of a site named and even heard Andrew Feinstein on the radio a few times talking about his position. We wound up meeting in person and talked about joining forces to create an even bigger Nuggets community. Andrew moved the Denver Stiffs name over to SB Nation and we have been off and running ever since. Once we realized the demand for more content, we both agreed another writer was going to be needed. Andrew had met Jeff Morton on a few occasions and we agreed he'd be a great fit and a different voice for the site. Not only do the three of us write together, but we also have formed friendships as well. We don't go more than a couple of days without emails, texts, or phone calls — typically Nuggets based. And since that time, we've added Colin Neilson and The Unitary Executives to the writing team and Army of Nugs, Russscot, and CombatChuk as moderators – and they all help this site in so many ways.

My background: I graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a degree in Journalism and History. While in school I interned at KDVR Fox 31 in the Sports Department. I absolutely loved editing tape for shows and seeing the process come together for a sports segment. I was shown the TV ropes by Eric Goodman (now with Mile High Sports radio), Josina Anderson (now with ESPN), and Chris Tanaka (now doing sports in Hawaii!).

Some of my fondest memories of being Nuggets fan include: going to the Air Force Academy for a meet-and-greet and getting to shake hands with Dikembe Mutombo (his fingers touched my elbow!) – thanks for taking me Pops! Getting to take my mom to a playoff game and going to countless games with her growing up – thanks Mom! And going crazy at the Pepsi Center in 2009 with Nuggets Nation during an epic playoff run. I’m not the Nuggets historian that some of you are, I grew up with those Mutombo teams, but I do my best to read about the history of the NBA and listen to those with more knowledge of the Doug Moe era and beyond.

I love this site and this community. There are only a few things in my life that I spend more time on and it's fun to be able to mix my passion for writing with my favorite sport too.