As if the #1 pick wasn’t enough, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers would really like to add the 3rd overall pick as well.

The rumors of the 76ers interest in trading Jahlil Okafor for the 3rd overall pick have been floating around for awhile but this latest report makes it sound like the 76ers might actually be more determined to get that pick than previously thought. With Ben Simmons a lock to join the 76ers tonight and joining Joel Embiid in the 76ers front court, the Sixers have less and less use for Okafor.

The Celtics, who own three first-round draft picks already, have been rumored to be aggressive in shopping the 3rd pick but are not interested in the 76ers lumbering big man. Nerlens Noel is another trade chip that the Celtics might be after and Stein is reporting that he is becoming more and more likely to be included in a draft day trade for the pick. Both the Sixers and the Celtics are also prime candidates for a three-team trade since both have a lot of assets but not a lot of superstar talent. The three teams may be part of a larger deal for players like Kevin Love, DeMarcus Cousins, and Jimmy Butler should one of them become available.

This could affect the Nuggets as well. Along with the 76ers and Celtics, the Nuggets are the most likely team to get involved in a three-way deal since they too have a lot of assets and solid role players but lack superstar talent.