Let the rumors heat up! Chris Broussard of ESPN just Tweeted out this gem:


Wanted to get this up quickly and now some details:

Thoughts from Golden State of Mind, here.

At first I thought perhaps the Nuggets could do an even swap, but salaries don't match up. Twitter has been ablaze with who else would be in the mix and it appears the name coming back is Dorrell Wright. He has a $4.1 million expiring contract and he also gives the Nuggets a sharp-shooter they covet. In fact, the addition of Wright tips the scales in the Nuggets favor even more. I also thought that perhaps the Nuggets could do the deal and still keep their No. 20 pick, but after using my brain (rare!), it would be a fantasy to think the No. 20 pick wouldn't go to Golden State.

This is just a rumor and more are sure to come. But it's crazy to think that reader Rockridge could be right … Denver could be lottery bound (draft wise) by tomorrow night!

Nate Parham from Golden State of Mind shared his thoughts to the question below with me:

Nate Timmons: Can I get your thoughts on (possibly) dealing away the No. 7 pick? Who did Golden State want? Are you disappointed it could be traded?

Nate Parham: There seem to be five players in play for the Warriors at No. 7: Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, Damien Lillard, Terrance Ross, and Dion Waiters. Portland is reportedly hot for Lillard, so that really leaves a pool of four players and Ross would be a bit of surprising pick to me (and I'll pretend that Zeller is not really a possibility despite reports that West likes him).

Although a lot of people are excited about the prospect of Barnes dropping to No. 7, the reality is that each of those prospects is flawed in their own way – whether looking at stats or just watching game footage, each one has legitimate major question marks surrounding them that make it unclear whether they'll become above average NBA players.
So dealing that pick away isn't a major problem, especially if the Warriors are getting a defensive-oriented perimeter player and another pick in return where the Warriors could still potentially pick up a big man.
The hardest thing to swallow about this deal as a fan – which means not entirely rational – is that the Warriors already have two significant players with troubling injury histories. Even if Chandler recovers from his most recent injury well, how chronic is that chronic ankle issue? It's no secret that part of the interest in Lillard is insurance at point guard due to Curry's chronic ankle injuries and we still don't know how well Bogut will perform as he comes back from injury (although his injuries were more just unfortunate events than evidence of chronic problems). It just feels like a lot of injury risk to take on in the starting lineup.
For Warriors fans that like Barnes, this would be disappointing because he could well be better than Chandler. For fans that want a big – a significant need – Drummond's potential would be difficult to pass on. For fans concerned about our current chronic ankle issues, passing on Lillard would be tough as he is generally considered the top ball handler in this draft. I'm not sure that the majority of fans would be more than mildly tolerant of this trade.
Bottom line: Over the long-term, this could prove to be a solid trade. But in the short-term, that's a lot of uncertainty to deal with for a franchise that might be as close to building a consistent winner as it has been in two decades.