The Utah Jazz are among the more interesting teams to keep an eye on in free agency. Two of their three best players, Gordon Hayward and George Hill, are unrestricted free agents. Hayward has been rumored to have interest in the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics while Hill is reported to have an eye on his former team, the San Antonio Spurs. The San Antonio Express’s Jabari Young is reporting that Hill “would not mind” a return.

Los Angeles star Chris Paul has been linked to the Spurs for months, but former Spur George Hill is also a free agent and would not mind a return to San Antonio.

Hill has long desired to reunite with Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich since 2013, when he re-signed with the Pacers, who traded him to the Utah Jazz last summer. Hill still maintains a residence in San Antonio, and frequently works out at the team’s practice site when in town.

With Aldridge rumored to be on the trade block and some surprise interest in Paul George, the San Antonio Spurs might be among the many teams looking for a complete overhaul this off-season. A restructuring of that magnitude would be a first for the Spurs, who have long been the franchise that builds slowly and values consistency. As the undisputed 3rd best team in the NBA this season, perhaps they feel a few big swings on the trade market and in free agency would vault them ahead of the Cavaliers and Warriors.

Hill’s free agency has major implications for the Denver Nuggets. The Utah Jazz won the Northwest division and look poised to challenge anyone in the division for another season or two. But if Hayward and Hill are out, that team is likely to collapse out of playoff contention and possibly headed for a complete rebuild of their own. Their fate is largely in the hands of those two stars.

Joe Ingles, another free agent with the Utah Jazz, might also be on the move this off-season if Hill and Hayward leave, as the team would have little use of a 29 year old role player. So keep an eye on the Jazz and these rumors in particular involving Hill.