The Denver Nuggets have struggled to find their back up ball handler in the Michael Malone era. The high hopes for Emmanuel Mudiay crashed and burned. The trade for Devin Harris last season helped, but Harris is an off ball guard at this point in his career. Swingman Will Barton, who assumed the role for much of this past season, may be asked to start on the wing should the Nuggets move off of Wilson Chandler’s contract via a trade. If the Nuggets do look to fill this void externally, who might they add with their limited maneuverability this summer?

Word on the Champs-Élysées is the Nuggets have shown interest in the 4-time NBA champion and French native, Tony Parker. I don’t speak French, but luckily reddit user u/HolyPhoque either does, or he places a ton of faith in Google translate. u/HolyPhoque posted the article this morning, which apparently first ran in the French newspaper, L’Equipe.

Parker would prefer to remain a Spur but has yet to receive an offer from the only NBA team that he’s suited up for in his 17 year career. According the post’s summary of the article, Parker is looking for a contract of 2 years in length and somewhere around six or seven million dollars per year.

The Nuggets have yet to find a guard who excels in the traditional duties of a point man. He’s over the hill, but Parker’s championship experience and years of playing with a dominant big could make for a mouth watering fit in Denver.