Trade season is officially upon us as the NBA Trade Deadline is now (March 25) just under a month away. With trade season comes trade rumors and the Nuggets just so happened to pop up in one today courtesy of Kelly Iko from The Athletic.

Here is an excerpt from Iko’s article on the Nuggets interest in Tucker:

“I don’t think the Rockets are in the business of giving contenders players, but they are certainly aware of interest in him throughout the league.Following Harden’s trade to the Nets, The Athletic reported on several teams inquiring about Tucker’s availability. As the trade deadline approaches, that interest is still alive and well around the league from contenders. Sources say teams such as Brooklyn, Utah and Denver all have sniffed around, and there certainly will be other contenders looking to improve heading into the second half of the season (both Los Angeles teams come to mind). Tucker is still a player who can help a winning team, likely more valuable to organizations with deep playoff runs in mind than a team like Houston that is transitioning.”

After entering the NBA back in 2006 with the Toronto Raptors, Tucker went to play overseas before returning to the NBA in 2012 with the Phoenix Suns. Tucker has since had another short stint with the Raptors before playing with the Houston Rockets for the past four seasons.

Tucker is certainly on the back nine of his career at 35 years old, but could still be a valuable piece to any team trying to make a playoff run. Tucker has never been one to light up the box score, but his ability to shoot from three and play defense could help a Denver team that has been plagued with injuries all season long.

This seems like just a small rumor, but it’s definitely a situation worth monitoring as the deadline draws near.