According to The Vertical, Kriss Dunn may be the #3 overall pick, regardless of whether the Celtics keep the pick or trade it. Earlier Adam Mares noted that the 76ers are being very aggressive in trying to secure the #3 overall pick via trade, where the consensus is they will take Dunn. However, Adrian Wojnarowski is now reporting that even if the Celtics keep the pick they may take Dunn.

This is interesting because the Celtics already have all-star point guard Isaiah Thomas in the fold so adding the top PG prospect with such a high pick seems a bit redundant. However, Dunn is certainly big enough to play the two guard position so potentially both players could find ample time in Brad Stevens rotation. From the Nuggets perspective this would be terrific as it increases the chances of either Dragan Bender, Jamal Murray or Buddy Hield being available at #7, all three of which have been rumored to go as high as #3. Still though it’s possible those guys go in order right after the Celtics pick leaving Denver to decide between Jaylen Brown and Marquese Chriss.