Let the questions begin!

Oh Greg. Greg, Greg. Ha ha ha, my oh my. Greg, Greg, Greg …. I mean, Nikola Jokic for Kofous?


The vexing problem that the Nuggets have faced, seemingly since the end of David Thompson's time with the team in 1982 has been outreach to the community and connecting in a way that bring people into the building. Aside from some great marketing strides former Nuggets president Tim Leiweke made from 1991 to 1994 (the creation of Rocky was a stroke of brilliance) the team has never adequately marketed to the city of Denver. This is a major problem for the team. While the city of Denver (and it's obsession with the Broncos) plays a huge part in the disconnect between the Nuggets and their in-town reception, we must admit that marketing, ticket prices and general outreach has lacked severely for a very long while.

It's time for the Nuggets to be creative. Discounts for college students, creative ways of at least attempting to get people who can't otherwise afford a Nuggets game inside of Pepsi Center! (a winning team will, of course, help)

Herbert! That is many questions in one tweet. I'll try to answer sequentially.

1. I think Buddy Hield will be a much better professional than Jimmer Fredette. There's a lot of tantalizing potential for Hield that was never there for Jimmer.

2. I don’t know why Chris Dempsey, Mark Kiszla and Harrison Wind like Kevin Love so much. Love is a good player than multiple teams would love to have on their roster. However … I’ve never liked him and I don’t want him on the Nuggets. There are MANY who comment here on Stiffs who will disagree with this assessment of mine. I admit I’m biased, but I don’t think Love would fit with the current locker room chemistry and signing him would be a move to skip some steps. Not sure I like that.

3. Jaylen Brown or Marquese Chriss? I prefer Chriss. He has some great potential as an athletic 4.

I personally believe the Nuggets will stay at the seventh spot and will maybe look to move the 15th and 19th pick. Maybe consolidate and move the two picks for one? Who knows. I think there MAY be potential for a draft day move for a player, but with the Boston Celtics and others with multiple picks to deal, it may be difficult to pull off.

Not only is this ok, it is encouraged. I find names that you can arrange into any sort of curse words to be the height of draft analysis and should be employed by multiple teams to select players. Analytics? BAH! Flimshaw! Curse words is where the game shall be played from here on out Zach!

Song of the week

Below is the song that Led Zeppelin is being sued about. VERY similar to Stairway to Heaven, and it came out 3 years before Stairway was released. Hmmmmm