What word would you use to describe the rebrand?

Adam Mares: Fresh. I like the colors and jerseys and I really like the new logos. I was never a fan of powder blue. The new color scheme will make for some great apparel and the overall feel of the new look is both fresh and classic. I’m a fan.

Gordon Gross: Clean. Adam and I sound like we’re talking about detergent, but despite that: the font is crisp, the colors pop, the logos don’t get in the way. I’m not sure I would consider them to be iconic, or game-changing, but to me it looks like a college kid who finally got a real suit for the first time.

Zach Mikash: Needed. I grew up loving the Nuggets in navy, burgundy and gold and I’m very happy they are going back to that color scheme. I always thought the baby blue and yellow was stupid, very much felt like Kiki Vandewheghe going back to his glory days at UCLA. This color scheme lines up perfectly with the Colorado state flag and its crazy to think the Nuggets are the only pro team in town rocking them.

Brendan Vogt: Wise. New core, new identity and a hope that next season marks the beginning of a new era of Nuggets basketball — this is a well timed rebrand. The new jerseys aren’t flashy, but they don’t have to be. The logos look great and the colors make a little more sense for a team representing the state of Colorado. I dig the rebrand. as well.

Evan Fiala: Underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong – the new colors are great and the logos are cool, but the jerseys didn’t necessarily cut it for me. Maybe they will grow on me with time but I expected a bit more.

Which logo is your favorite?

Mares: This is the toughest question. I think I like the 5th logo the best. It incorporates all four colors and has a super clean font. I hope that the 4th yet-to-be-unveiled jersey incorporates that logo in some way.

Gross: Probably the pickaxes with the Denver Nuggets lettering around em. It has the colors but they’re not quite as distracting to me as they are on just the main pickaxe logo. And I still am not sure about the Mile High Basketball one, but I’m just letting that one simmer.

Mikash: It’s got to be the skyline! As Josh Kroenke said last night, the skyline logo needed an update if for nothing else than the fact that the Denver skyline is quite a bit different today than it was back in the 1980s. I really like the new take on an old classic, I’m not wild about the half basketball behind the mountains because it reminds me of a patch you sewed onto your vest back in the day, but overall I’m excited to see what they do with that logo.

Vogt: I really like the pickaxe logo with the new colors and the Nuggets lettering around them. Design isn’t my bag, so I’m not sure how to break this down other than: I think it looks dope.

Fiala: I like the blue and white pickaxe/basketball logo. It’s really simple and clean.

Which jersey is your favorite?

Mares: This one is easy – the Mile High City jersey. The shorts look great and the whole uniform is clean. Best of all, “Mile High City” across the chest makes this one feel like a true Denver jersey.

Gross: I’m with Adam, the Mile High City jersey is pretty slick. I’m also fond of the red Nuggets across the chest of the white Association jersey. The Icon jersey with the big white collar sleeve caps is gonna have to grow on me.

Mikash: Gonna be repetitive but it has to be the Mile High City jersey. I like the other ones too but they are a bit bland and the belt line i’m not sure about. The best part about the MHC jerseys is all throughout the games in Denver the opponent is going to be reminded that they are a mile above sea level.

Vogt: Let’s go 4/4. Give me the Mile High City jersey. The other looks are clean, and I don’t have any real bones to pick with them, but they don’t blow me away. This third jersey is a major departure from any of the recent Nuggets designs and I’m eager to see how Gary Harris looks in the new threads when be busts out a reverse layup next season.

Fiala: Mile High best represents the city and I love the royal blue. Easy choice here.

What grade do you give the new look?

Mares: A-. Overall I’m happy with what they’ve done. I think the color scheme will lead to more people wearing Nuggets gear around town and one of the big themes with the jerseys was tying the team to the beautiful city of Denver. There’s a few little things I’d change but overall it looks great.

Gross: B+. No real misfires and a cohesive look. Some parts are a little odd to me and I wish they’d had at least one logo not based on a circular motif (even the skyline is a half circle) but overall they updated the branding without moving completely away from what had been built before and merged a couple of eras of Nuggets basketball together while still looking forward. That’s a good start.

Mikash: B. Like I said, I think the Icon and Association jerseys are a bit boring but I love the new color scheme and I really like the logos. I like that they brought back a classic shade of blue for the MHC jerseys as well. With a slick looking skyline City edition jersey this grade will easily jump to an A.

Vogt: B. I feel like the Nuggets played it safe with this rebrand, but there’s no shame in that. The new look is simple, clean and the event was well executed. They get the grade that in my opinion they shot for, but there’s also room for growth. I’ll hold out on any real jersey opinions until we see the fourth look and some Nuggets players rocking them on the court. The logos are great, the colors make more sense and a jaw dropping look for the fourth jersey will bump this grade up to an A. Overall, a job well done last night.

Fiala: B-. The new colors are slick and the logos are cool. But overall I don’t necessarily feel like “Evolve” was the right word to describe mostly taking the same logo and swapping out the colors. And the Association and Icon jerseys are disappointing. I am, however, excited about the new look. This seems to be a positive change for the Nuggets, one that will hopefully translate to the court as well.