It’s been six years since the Wizards, Clippers, and Nuggets completed a three-team trade involving Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and Nene. Which player do you think would help the Nuggets the most now?

Zach Mikash (@ZachMikash): Javale has the limitations at altitude given his asthma so he’s out. Pre re-upping Mason Plumlee the answer is easy, it’s Nene. He’s the perfect backup center for this Nuggets team, an effective passer like Plumlee but a little more range, a great veteran and also deceptively quick hands on defense. With Plumlee in tow Nene is redundant but I still probably would take him over Nick Young.

Jeremy Poley (@JeremyPoley): Nene.  I just miss the guy.  I wasn’t a fan of that trade.  None of these three players would be playing heavy minutes in the Nuggets current rotation.  And Nene’s stamina is the biggest knock on him at his age.  So it makes sense to me. He would still be reliable to anchor the paint for 15 minutes a game.  His defense has slipped a little.  But he still has finesse, good-passing, high efficiency, and strength in his offensive game.  Sound like a good fit for any teams you might know?

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): Nene. Last year the answer was Nene too.

Evan Fiala (@eefiala): Nene, though just for sentimental reasons more than anything. Young would be an option off the bench, but if everyone already thinks Barton shoots too much then I don’t think Young would be much better. Yeah, Nene.

Daniel Lewis (@minutemandan): Right now at this very moment? Nene, but I do think that Nick Young would have a spot as a bench shooter for the Nuggets just like he does for the Warriors. I’d really like to see Nene retire as a Nugget, I know he really liked Denver, that’s where he started his family and his career, and I think it would be a nice touch for him to end his career here.

Wilson Chandler is out with migraines. Have you ever had a migraine? What’s it like? On a scale of 1 to man flu, what is the level of pain?

Mikash: I too suffer from migraines and generally only have them triggered by physical activity. They can vary in severity though so sometimes they’re like a 3 on the scale and sometimes they are so bad that is’s like having a full on man flu. Generally it starts for me with “seeing spots” or little flashes and then it grows to the point where at their worst it feels like someone is banging a hammer on the front right side of my brain. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, that all comes as well. I’ve never had one last as long as Wilson’s did, but I have heard they can last as long as 72 hours.

Poley: I’ve had probably around 8 migraines.  They all came within a 2-3 year period of my life and I have no idea why.  I was throwing up.  Had to turn the lights off.  Could not tolerate sounds of any kind.  And it would linger into a second or third day.  My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from it chronically.  And my rage goes out to anyone who says that they have a migraine when they really just have a headache.

Gross: I get migraines, probably related to head position during long work days or sleeping wrong – messes up my suboccipitals. Quick note: if you do suffer from migraines (which come from a multitude of causes) something like 40% can be helped by massage and chiropractic. If you’re one of the people that helps, at least it offers some relief. I don’t suffer too much with auditory input but visual gets crazy. Everything gets super bright and if I don’t get into a dark room before the brightness overwhelms my sunglasses it’s a bad day. Basically what Zach describes. Mine are usually one-day affairs and I only get a few a year. I know people who get that many a week. Migraines are no joke.

Fiala: I’ve had a migraine here and there, mostly when I get dehydrated. They are the worst.

Lewis: I’ve been blessed to never have a migraine (as far as I can tell) but I have had the man flu, and that is very real, and very painful. I can imagine that I wouldn’t want to play basketball in a loud, bright arena if I was experiencing a migraine however.

With the DeMarcus Cousins injury, should the Pelicans blow things up? What’s their next step?

Mikash: After the trade today they don’t really have much of a choice. Getting off of Asik’s money a year early (because there was no way he was rejecting that player option) and getting a solid wing like Nikola Mirotic helps their long term cap situation but they paid a 1st rounder to get it. Granted it’s not likely to be a great first rounder but when teams start attaching them to get off of salaries its a pretty strong indication they aren’t planning on a re-build so I’d say the next step is bringing in Greg Monroe to finish out the season and then offering Cousins a max deal and praying to all that is holy that Boogie comes back looking like Boogie.

Poley: From a purely game mechanics viewpoint, I was against the Boogie trade. From an asset/value standpoint, if we look at the King’s current roster, they were buffered by Buddy Hield, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles and Frank Mason III. There’s multiple ways of weighing that (competing now vs. competing later), so we’ll call it a hung jury at this point. More importantly, I just couldn’t visualize the x’s and o’s of Cousins and Davis in any cohesive way.  It felt like a video game trade and the Pelicans were happy to land a player with a 96 overall rating so that they could mash the game controller buttons and win.  They’re an imposing tandem, don’t get me wrong, but nothing about it feels like a formula for championship success.  They still need to build around Davis.  Blow up everything around him that isn’t working.  Do what you can to keep him and go from there. But from today’s trade it looks like they’re trying to go all-in on Cousins.

Gross: The Pelicans keep blowing up everything around Davis that isn’t working, Jeremy – it’s just not helping them all that much. They’ve traded every first round pick from 2012 through 2018 now, I believe, trying to make this work. Still, like Zach says they’re all in on this iteration so press on, Pelicans. Press on. They’re gonna have to get lucky on the pieces around Boogie and the Brow, and hope Boogie remains a monster once he gets his second leg back. Mirotic is a good fit, though.

Fiala: I have no clue what they are doing, or what they plan to do with Boogie/AD. But as long as they remain panicky it’s fine by me.

Lewis: The Boogie trade throws a real wrench into their plans. They need to have a great year next season, or they should strongly consider moving Anthony Davis. They can’t afford to lose him for nothing, and if they don’t take advantage of the trade market, expect a long stretch of really poor play. I think their next step, after having traded for Mirotic, is to go all in on next season. Draft picks won’t help at this point, and they are in a position where if it costs them a 2020 pick to acquire a veteran, they should strongly consider it.

What do you think about the Blake Griffin trade to Detroit?

Mikash: Odd, and also a bad look for the Clippers. Everyone was expecting Griffin to walk in the offseason and he re-upped in LA despite Chris Paul leaving. Just a few months after that the Clippers are dealing him and letting him find out on twitter. Bad form Clippers, bad form. On the Pistons side it just strike me as odd. We saw that Blake with a great defensive center and the GOAT point guard wasn’t good enough to get over the top, what makes Detroit think that Blake with a great defensive center and a good but not great point guard will get any closer? Don’t get me wrong, they’re a better team today and they’ll definitely be fun to watch, but I don’t see how this trade really gets them any closer to their ultimate goal.

Poley: I like it.  This season for the Clippers has felt like they were the last ones to know that they were dead.  They did well to hang onto Jordan when he almost left for Dallas and they gave it a good try.  But it ended.  And as of this week it looks like they finally get that.  Not that Tobias Harris is a cornerstone, but he’s about the only thing that qualifies as solid young talent on their roster.  They need to look to the draft.

Gross: I think it helps Detroit a little but not a lot – they still have other team construction issues to deal with, and Blake has to stay healthy which is not his strong suit. The Clippers, meanwhile, are apparently trying to pitch free agents on Los Angeles without a lot to offer other than the city name. That’s not their strong suit either. If the Clippers were going to tear it down and grab fresh draft pieces that’s one thing, but they don’t seem to be on that path. If LeBron goes there, though, then I guess it won’t matter… for a few years.

Fiala: I was surprised Balmer pulled the trigger on it, but it’s good to see another team in the West (sort of) blow things up. Detroit will be interesting to see now they all the depth is gone, and the Clippers should regress a bit. Hopefully Gallo doesn’t get too butt hurt (get it? He’s been out with a glute issue) that his team is drastically different than the one he signed with.

Lewis: The Clippers are a joke franchise. Jerry West may have a vision for how to rebuild the team, and the confidence that he can do so, but I think it’s embarrassing that they moved a star player like Griffin for the chance at potentially acquiring someone that could be maybe as good as he is. The Pistons may not win a championship, but they’re going to be good with Drummond and Griffin. I’d much rather be in the Pistons shoes – basically guaranteed to be good for four years – than in the Clippers shoes – basically guaranteed to be a joke franchise for the next decade.

You’re walking through the shops at Cherry Creek, and stop to pick up a discarded bottle of Coca-Cola (littering ain’t cool). Out pops a genie in a Linas Kleiza jersey (oddly enough, he looks like Zach Mikash), and grants you one of two options: you can either become an elite 3-point shooting guard or an elite shot-blocking big. Which option do you choose and why?

Mikash: I bet he doesn’t have the sweet 2000s navy alternate Kleiza jersey like I do, but I digress. I’m taking elite three point shooting guard. Either skill set can earn you a max contract, but the 3-point shooting guard is going to age better and be effective for about 5 seasons longer than the shot blocking big. Plus, chicks dig the three ball.


Gross: I like to fit in cars and trains and rooms and under doors and in amusement park attractions… so I guess I’m saying give me the relatively normal-sized body and the three point chucking.

Fiala: I’m already an elite 3-point shooter, so…

Lewis: Oh my gosh, shot-blocking big hands down. I would mean mug for 36 minutes a game, grabbing rebounds, dunking on smaller guards, and sending shots into the stands (when the shot clock is below five seconds, I’d have clock awareness). I get wanting to shoot 3-pointers and score a ton of points, but being able to match up with someone, and see that look when they think they’ve done something right but then it goes oh so wrong? Priceless. Thank you Linas Kleiza genie, for that sweet gift.

Should the Broncos sign Kirk Cousins? Nah, I’m just playing, but seriously, who wins the Super Bowl, the Patriots or the Eagles?

Mikash: The Patriots should win, there’s no reason for them not to. I’ve seen that once before in a Patriots Super Bowl…and they lost. So screw it, I’m going Eagles.

Poley: If they were interested in winning this season, they would’ve signed Kaepernick.  And I live in Philadelphia – I’m as dead as a hitchhiking robot if I’m caught cheering for the Patriots.  Goooo Eagles!  (Don’t hurt me).

Gross: I would like the Eagles to win. I expect the Patriots to win.

Fiala: Yes. Pats will win, etc.

Lewis: Go Eagles!

This question caused a bit of controversy last season, so we’ll reopen it and look for answers in the comments – what is the best snack to bring to a Super Bowl party, and why isn’t it Chex Mix?

Mikash: Chex mix?! Like, thanks for inviting me to your sweet party bro, here’s a bag of snacks I bought at the store and clearly put zero consideration into. Also, what the hell is the deal with those rye chips? Does anyone actually eat those things? They’re literally offensive to all of the senses and I’m pretty sure they could cause cancer. Plus, how many damn combinations of Chex mix do we need? I’m pretty sure nowadays you’ll find something like a wasabi and chocolate Chex Mix down at the gas station. Who’s paying these people over at Chex Mix R&D? Are they stoned out of their gourd 24/7? Do they just want to watch the world burn? I’m also pretty sure they pump the bag full of air as well. You go down to the grocery store and buy a bag and it looks like it’s bursting at the seams with msg coated genetically modified corn snacks, but then when you get home you open the bag, gale force winds whoosh out of it and you discover it’s only like a third full. The hell is wrong with you Chex Mix? Are your people in marketing just a bunch of evil sociopaths who team up with the guys over at R&D to figure out how Chex Mix can bring civilization to its knees? Seriously, if you bring Chex Mix to my house for the Super Bowl you’re not getting in, sorry not sorry. Wait…what was the question again? (Editor’s note – I guess Daniel isn’t invited to Zach’s party)

Poley: Just bring avocados.  However you use them, you won’t be disappointed.  Chex Mix fails because no one ever serves it in mashed up avocados.  Bonus question: What is Mudiay’s turnover ratio for January?  Answer: 3:1.  Extra bonus question: How long does that last?  Answer:  Chex mix.

Gross: You guys have terrible Super Bowl parties. You probably serve those frozen shrimp platters from the supermarket that you forget to thaw before the game, too. I will not be attending. Bring something edible! I accept Crunchy Cheetos though, as long as it’s someone else’s house. Anyone wiping Cheeto dust on my furnishings is leaving through the second story window.

Fiala: I do enjoy Chex Mix, but not at a party. Bring some homemade queso or something and you’ll be A-OK.

Lewis: See, I like Chex Mix, but if I’m bringing it to a party, I’d just want to eat it on my own. I think the best snack to brings is … tortilla chips. I could eat half a bag of those on my own, with or without queso or guacamole. My family bakes (a ton) so I also really like bringing cookies or brownies. Cake pops are the truth too.