The Nuggets are clearly moving away from powder blue in favor of navy blue, good thing or bad thing?

Zach Mikash (@ZachMikash): I think it’s a good thing. When the powder blues came out back in 2003 I thought they were really cool, but their time had ran its course. Plus I think those jerseys are always going to be associated with Carmelo Anthony and George Karl, it’s the Nikola Jokic era now and the Nuggets should have a new look to match.

Ryan Blackburn (@RyanBlackburn9): Absolutely. I’ve never been a fan of the powder blue. It has always felt like a jersey from a different era ever since Melo was traded. The final nail in the coffin was when Karl was fired, so it’s been long overdue. I love the color navy personally, and I definitely think it’s a color Denver could wear for the next 10 to 15 years and look good doing it.

Jeremy Poley (@JeremyPoley): Powder blue has meant a lot to the Nuggets. After they dawned it, the color became wildly popular everywhere in sports. It was on half of my knock-off basketball shorts and shoes. The only way that moving on is a good thing is if the team's success makes it so. Powder blue for the Melo era – Navy blue for the Jokic era. But whether that’s a good or bad thing is just around the corner.

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): It’s a change of eras, so I’m fine with changing the jersey colors to a deeper blue. Powder blue was a Kiki invention, and I’m sure it’ll show up in throwbacks later, but moving on from it is probably best.

Evan Fiala (@eefiala): Yeah I’m good with it (though now it’s actually happening I am kinda sad). I really like the navy but at the same the powder blue was what made the Nuggets unique. But overall I’m good with it.

Would you rather they wear the navy uniforms (icon edition) or the white uniforms (association edition) at home?

Mikash: I’d like them to keep wearing white at home. I already get confused by hockey since they changed to colored home jerseys, I don’t need the NBA doing that to me too.

Blackburn: I’ve always been of the mentality that the “color” uniform should be worn at home, which is a football mentality more than anything. The team’s colors have always been more representative in the away jersey than they are the home jersey, and it would be cool to see these navy colors on the home floor while fans fill the stands with navy.

Poley: Navy. We want colors!

Gross: I’m indifferent. They’re both basic, functional jersey schemes, but neither really jumps out at me over the other. Do whatcha want.

Fiala: I’d probably stick with the white.

The overall design of the jersey is very similar to last season’s, would you have rather they gone with a more drastic change?

Mikash: I’m okay with the subtle change, and it’s kind of cool how they’ve been giving us little tweaks every couple of seasons. I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t a bigger change though, I thought with Nike taking over they’d be changing a lot of jerseys but so far the Nuggets switch to navy is one of the bigger changes we’ve seen.

Blackburn: There are some things I would change long term, like the lettering, which I think will eventually change again at some point. That being said, a color change is a big deal. I think most fans would have been happy with a full rebrand, but sometimes that’s just not in the works. I’m happy with what they have done for the time being.

Poley: We’ll have at least four jerseys to freely rotate through. If every jersey was a drastic change then we would run the chances of not having anything proven to fall back on.

Gross: I expect to see some experimentation with the two remaining jerseys that haven’t been unveiled, and as Jeremy says they’ll already be on a four-jersey rotation. Having some basics to fall back on is fine. I still expect a redesign in the near future, and Nike has a certain number they are contractually allowed to overhaul every year. These feel a bit like they’re freshening up the profile and biding time.

Fiala: I would have, but with the other two jerseys yet to be revealed and more for experimentation I’m totally okay with that. That being said, if the other jerseys are not more lively and fun I will be disappointed. For these ones I think something more vibrant along the sides of the top and shorts would’ve made it a little more complete. Right now they are pretty bland.

What does the perfect Nike concept (athlete’s mindset or community) jersey look like in your eyes?

Mikash: I’d really like them to take their current yellow alternates and put them in the color scheme of the 1990s navy, gold and wine jerseys. Then ditch the weird horizontal striping on the side of the shorts and I think they’d have something really slick.

Blackburn: I’d be looking for a black jersey with white and gold accent colors OR a navy jersey with gold accents and white pickaxes. I think both would look awesome, but I’d lean toward the second one if I really wanted to make an impression.

Poley: The Nuggets struck gold (*sigh) when the rainbow skyline was born. It's iconic, tacky, and perfect. And the whole world agrees. We have to see Nike introduce this at some point.

Gross: Skyline jerseys with a more striking color scheme. Elements of the white gold jerseys with maybe a polar opposite white-black for an alternate to go with whatever this navy blue is. I’d basically update these to the newer color choices and roll, but it sounds like the Nuggets want to “look forward instead of back.” Hopefully that works – and doesn’t look too much like Indiana’s forward look. I’m curious to see how experimental they get with either of the remaining jerseys.

Fiala: Yeah, it definitely has to be the skylines. Nothing else will suffice.