Boy, that sucked. Especially the beginning and end. Sucked sucked sucked.

I was talking about my road trip last night, what were you talking about? The can-be-four-hours drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas gets a bit more difficult when you’re making the trip to the far ends of both during their heavy-traffic moments. Four hours got a lot closer to seven by the time the drive wrapped up.

But hey, at least satellite radio carried the Denver Nuggets game against the Utah Jazz last night. The Nuggets were on a road trip of their own another few hours up Interstate 15, and their game weirdly mirrored the arc of my drive. The beginning wasn’t troubling for long, but the end felt like it took three evenings to complete, with a day-and-night view of the boys in blue for the end of the third quarter and the forever-fourth. It was a tough ending to a game which had featured a number of double-digit leads by the Nuggets until everything went wrong. But you already know that, as Evan Fiala covered that news beautifully in his recap last night.

Several parts of last night’s game were difficult to watch or try and explain, and when you care about something, you want it to make some sense. Depending on where you went to read or listen to the conversation around the loss, (there are other outlets covering the Nuggets, believe it or not) there are a few early voices proclaiming that Denver is in huge trouble, and for a litany of reasons. And who knows? It’s possible they’re right. Maybe this new marriage we thought would be so beautiful will actually prove to be unholy. 0-82, and down to Dante’s new sub-basement he had excavated over the summer. Try the hot tub. It really is hot.

Or maybe we’ll go 81-1. Both of those outcomes are possible, with the current data we have. Because what we have is not a lot. To be fair, there are also several voices calling for varying degrees of hope. I’m simply picking on an extreme.

A paradigm I’ve used before. I flip a quarter ten times, and seven of those flips, I get tails. So, I should always bet on tails, right? I’ll make money on tails.

Of course not. It was just as likely you’d have gotten seven heads. Flip the coin more times, and see what happens. The beginning of that rabbit hole starts hereor here… and one I really like here

Similarly, we are now witness to 1.22% of the Denver Nuggets 2017-2018 season. That seems a bit early to to know much of anything just yet. In the era of the hot take, you’re better off calling your shot and missing by a mile than being the second person to say something. So, maybe I’m feeling something to the contrary. A cold take, as it were. Sometimes, when you call your shot, you’re better off with the bunt.

Take a deep breath, Nuggets Nation. Maybe we’re awful. But maybe we just need a second. Let’s flip the coin a few more times before we get too stressed out. It’s bad for your blood pressure. The sky may be falling. Or maybe it was a leaf. Remember what happened to Chicken Little.

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