This weekend’s Pickaxe Pundits show (airs every 4pm mtn on Saturdays on Nothin but Net Radio) continued reviewing the roster. This week we got into the two biggest surprises of the season for the Denver Nuggets: Torrey Criag and Trey Lyles. Zach, Ashley and Mark break down each guy’s season and discuss what the chances are of Craig being back next season and where Lyles fits in Denver’s long term future. For the second half of the show we dive into the final portion of the NBA Conference finals. After game 5, one writer accurately predicted the Cleveland Cavaliers would emerge victorious over the weekend, but you’ll have to listen to find out who!

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Trey Lyles

  • Was the season a success/failure/par for the course?
  • What does he have to expand on to be an everyday player? Should he already be?
  • Whats his long term future with the Nuggets?

Torrey Craig

  • Was his season success/failure/par for the course?
  • Is he proof that the two way contract is a good idea?
  • can he make it in the NBA?


Checking in on the playoffs/NBA

  • Can the Cavs get back in the series?
  • Does Houston’s game five victory make you think they have a chance?