According to the Denver Post, Nuggets guard Ty Lawson was arraigned in Arapahoe County Court today on the charges of Criminal Mischief and Physical Harassment.

A snippet:

Lawson girlfriend, Ashley Nicole Pettiford, was also arrested, Grayson Robinson, Arapahoe County Sheriff told The Denver Post.

A mandatory restraining order was issued after charges were filed surrounding a domestic violence incident, according to court records.

"They were yelling at each other and broke each other's phones," Robinson said. "I don't believe it was physical otherwise."

Both parties were charged in the incident, Robinson said.

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More details later as they become available, but this is never … never a good thing. The best thing we can say at this point is to try to withhold judgment until all the facts are made available. Ty was looking to take his game to the next level this season, but when you hear information like this it definitely takes a back seat to real-world events.

Lawson averaged a career high 16.7 points and 6.9 assists and led the Nuggets in the playoffs in both scoring and assists with 21.3 points and 8 assists per game. Ty was the 2009 first round draft pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves and was traded to Denver in that same draft.

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