Remember that rumor that the Nuggets “promised” Dario Saric, 6’10” forward from Croatia, that they would pick him with their 11th selection in the upcoming draft? Well, looks like that particular rumor could be out the window according to Chad Ford from ESPN. As follows via tweet:

It remains to be seen what exactly the Nuggets are going to do. Saric was always going to be a rough sale for a fanbase that is still suffering Nicoloz Tskitishvilli flashbacks, but scouts around the NBA believe in his talent and, as Ford says … it's likely many teams are "bummed" at the moment.

As for the alleged "promise" the Nuggets gave Saric? Even if the Nuggets intended on drafting Saric, promising him a pick seemed rather dubious considering we don't know which pick will fall to the Nuggets from an extremely fluctuating draft. Why promise when you can wait?

Still, it's something to be discussed. I can't see the Nuggets investing at 11th pick in the draft on someone who won't see an NBA court in two years. What say you Stiffs?