The question at this moment in time would be; is this enough to get Ty Lawson to sign on the dotted line? If Ty doesn’t sign the extension by October 31st, he will enter in to restricted free agency at the end of the year and it seems very much like the Nuggets don’t want the possibility of a max offer coming from another team to interfere with their ability to retain Lawson for the future. The Nuggets still have the leverage in restricted free agency but the possibility of some other team offering a max deal is legitimate in that scenario.

Will Ty sign? That is the question of the hour. Remember that prior to JaVale McGee signing his contract over the summer there were reports of a contract offer about a week and a half before he eventually signed with a radically different contract. So things for the next week are still up in the air, and negotiations are still to be had.

So as of this moment, is this number ok with you Nuggets fans? Do you think Ty will sign this offer or a number similar?