According to Jeff Goodman from ESPN, the Nuggets had offered 3 years $12 million to Mike Miller prior to the free agent forward halting talks with team to pursue teaming up with LeBron James in Cleveland with the Cavaliers.

What is a bit stunning about this offer is that said offer (if true) would put the Nuggets very close to luxury tax territory with the contract for 16th pick in the draft Yusuf Nurkic still pending. The Nuggets offer of three years at what averages out to be $4 million per is substantially larger than the Cavs offer of roughly $2.75 million per. Will that be enough to lure Miller to Denver? Or will the prospect of playing, once again, with LeBron James win the day?

I'm skeptical that this is completely accurate considering the Nuggets current roster situation. Maybe be a leverage game being played by other parties?

Even if the Nuggets did win the bidding, what does that mean for the roster? Almost assuredly there would be a trade to clear space you'd have to think. Or maybe the Nuggets look at the roster and think it's worth a go for that amount.

Either way, we shall see.