For Denver Nuggets fans that are passionate about seeing the organization add a D-League team, Christopher Dempsey of The Denver Post shared a report from league sources today that should get those fans excited.

Dempsey reported the following:

The Nuggets are likely to get back into the D-League business next season, according to league sources. But nothing has been decided or is imminent. Right now, the Nuggets are not affiliated with a team but can assign players to a D-League team connected to another NBA team.

What does it mean?

Not much.

The report of adding a D-League team sure had a wet blanket thrown on it with the phrase, “Nothing has been decided or is imminent.”

When asked on media day about the possibility of a D-League team, Kroenke said the following:

“There’s been a lot of dialogue about that. As the NBA as a whole continues to evolve, more and more teams are having a direct relationship, and we look forward to being one of those teams in the near future.”


Here’s a metaphor for the Nuggets D-League team status, which is based off a typical conversation in the Lewis household.

“Hey, honey, you want to try that new sushi restaurant out? Been a while since we went to a sushi place, and you know how we like sushi. So good!”

“Oh, yeah, that looks good! We should go this weekend!”

The weekend comes, the Lewis family heads out to eat for dinner.

“So you ready for some Chipotle?”

“Daddy wants Chipotle!”

The Lewis family gets Chipotle.

Does this mean that we won’t eventually get sushi at some point? We might. But for now, we’re having Chipotle for dinner. We didn’t even slow down for the norovirus scare, what’s a little norovirus when compared with those burritos?

Until there is a more significant report than “Nothing has been decided or is imminent,” don’t get your hopes up. But who knows, maybe where there is smoke, there’s a little fire too.