A throwaway line in a report by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst will have Denver Nuggets fans walking on cloud nine on Wednesday. In a sort of news roundup column about the Los Angeles Clippers’ plan to pursue Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant this summer, Windhorst shared this detail about Denver Nuggets rookie, Michael Porter Jr.:

Those who have seen Michael Porter Jr. work out in Denver as he recovers from back surgery report he’s looking impressive. Even the team is surprised how well he has been shooting the 3-pointer as he works with coach Mark Price.

First off, there are few things Windhorst seems to despise more than aggregators because they often take his reports out of context or make mountains out of molehills. This tidbit is among the tiniest of molehills. Team’s often share optimism about their young players so a team source reporting that MPJ has been impressive isn’t really news.

On the other hand…

Michael Porter Jr. is basically a 6’11” Steph Curry!!! First he shared a few photos on twitter earlier this week that had him looking buff and (apparently) jumping like a guy who is getting his athleticism back.

Now we get a report that he’s also impressing with his shot. We knew Porter Jr. could shoot the ball and we’ve known that he’s been restricted in what types of things he can work on over the last two years. So a guy as talented as him spending a majority of the last 18 months solely working on his already good-looking jump shot is enough of a molehill for Nuggets fans to start buying real estate on.