In an ESPN Insider article discussing possible NBA player extensions, Bobby Marks mentions this tidbit regarding Malik Beasley:

Before switching to Rich Paul and Klutch Sports, Beasley turned down a three-year, $30 million extension, sources confirmed to ESPN.

That’s approximately the MLE, and about as little as I would expect Malik to be offered on the open market by another team. I don’t blame him for turning it down, even if it is a ton of money. His restricted free agency after this year will allow teams to offer whatever they want to offer him, but will also allow Denver to choose to match that offer. The deadline for accepting an extension with Denver before that process plays out is October 21st.

Marks mentions Barton’s contract at 4/53 as a reasonable expectation for Beasley’s next contract, and that’s about as low as I expect him to sign for. Malik is a deadeye shooter from deep who can fly in transition and play above the rim. His defensive acumen isn’t quite there yet, especially off ball, but his effort is. Guys who can shoot threes get paid, and 23 year olds who can shoot threes and dunk from the foul line definitely get paid.

I’m not sure the Nuggets can afford Malik, but if they expect to sign him to an extension it would have to be for a significantly larger sum than he was offered the first time. The same article pins Buddy’s Hield’s eventual figure at 4 years, $95 million, and if you think Buddy is worth $10 million more a year than Malik then you must be Buddy’s agent. Beasley will be an attractive alternative for anyone looking for that sort of skillset, even with Denver’s ability to match the offer.

It’s a big year for Malik to prove himself on the court – to show his three point shooting is not a fluke and that he can handle more minutes at both ends. His problem might be getting all those minutes in Denver with a healthy squad, which means it’s still possible he signs for that $50 million mark before the 21st to avoid a minutes crunch costing him money.

But that’s the choice he and his agent Rich Paul have to make: what makes the most sense and the most money for Malik? We’ll know their answer in 17 days.

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