According to our good friend Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports/Fox Sports Florida, Andre Iguodala indicated that he would likely opt out of his current contract, which pays him $16 million next season in exchange for long term security.

Iguodala told Tomasson:

Iguodala is on the books to make $15.9 million next season, likely more than he could get from any team for 2013-14. But he could become a free agent and then sign a multi-year deal that would pay less next season but would provide long-term security.

“Yeah, definitely,’’ Iguodala, 29, said of that being a distinct possibility. “You got to weigh options. Security-wise, a player would opt out, especially with the type of season we’ve had as a team. Teams know what I can bring to them, and I know (the Nuggets) know what I can bring to a team here.

However in the same article Iguodala indicates that a return to Denver isn't assured and that the Nuggets will be among his options.

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Iguodala sure on Team USA, likely to opt out – Chris Tomasson, Fox Sports Florida