As indicated in rumors earlier this week, Real Madrid’s star point guard Facundo Campazzo is now reported to have signed a two-year deal with the Denver Nuggets, per HoopsHype and confirmed by Marc Stein as a guaranteed deal:

The two-year nature is not surprising. Miloš Teodosić, another star European guard also signed a two-year deal to come to the Clippers and test the waters of the NBA, and with a buyout with Real Madrid of a reported 6 million Euros the Nuggets have to give him a financial incentive to make the jump as well.

Facundo Campazzo is a 5’11 passing wizard who is a fierce competitor and high-effort defender who will nevertheless be fighting an uphill battle against the size and athleticism of NBA players. As the best player on Real Madrid, probably the best non-NBA team in the best non-NBA league in the world, however, he has a real chance to shine as a player with scoring ability from deep who is also used to threading his way his way through much taller defenders his whole life.

This signing likely makes him Denver’s backup point guard and signals some likely trade scenarios with Monte Morris, who is headed into free agency after this year and looks like the odd man out between the Campazzo signing and drafting RJ Hampton, a combo guard who can also be the lead ball handler.

This is just the first salvo of Denver’s free agency period – stay tuned!

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