NBA Draft rumors are heating up, and while most are unsourced speculation, Mike Singer with the Denver Post wrote a sourced article that states the Denver Nuggets have explored moving up in the Draft, potentially into the top-10:

As he lays out in the piece, some of the picks mentioned to be available are Atlanta at #6, Washington at #9 and Boston’s #14. The problem is what it would cost to move up, in terms of current players and future assets.

With this draft being such a flat one, and the players from the late lottery into the late first round being viewed as fairly equivalent players, Denver would only want to spend the capital to move up if they viewed one of those players as a cut above the rest, and worth the extra investment. Role players should abound in this draft, so the reason to improve draft position is to grab someone with more potential.

Who might Denver be interested in? Singer has his own ideas in the article which you should check out, but at Denver Stiffs we’ve also got you covered. Here are site manager Ryan Blackburn’s own ideas on some trade up fits that could be had between those #6 to #14 picks. Devin Vassell in particular is a name to focus on as someone who fits both roster needs and a higher talent ceiling. Take a look!

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