According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Denver Nuggets have added Mark Price to their coaching staff.

As Woj notes, Price is coveted for his ability as a shooting instructor. One would expect Mark has a thing or two to say about shooting the rock, he shot 40% from three…for his career. Price also has a connection with the Nuggets as he served as a consultant to the team back in 2003.

Since that time Price has dabbled in commentating but has spent most of his time in coaching circles. He’s consulted for a few other teams, always focused on shooting, and served as a player development coach with the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets. He was able to parlay successful stints with those teams into a head coaching gig in College with the Conference USA Charlotte 49ers. Unfortunately, he was just 30-42 in just over two season with Charlotte and was let go in 2017.

ON the Nuggets side this makes the second hire of the day with the announcrment that Charles Klask has also been added to the staff this morning. Interestingly only one assistant coach from last year, Micah Nori, has been announced to be leaving the team so either coach Malone is expanding his staff or there is another coach on his way out. I wouldn’t read too much into this hire having anything to do with anyone else on staff though. From what it sounds like, Price is an excellent shooting instructor and there can never be too many of those on your staff. In all likelihood the Nuggets saw an opportunity to add an asset to their organization and didn’t think about it beyond that. Now, if we can lock coach Price and his career 90% free throw percentage and Mason Plumlee in a basketball court for the next month so that Mase can breach the 50% free throw threshold this season, that would be swell.