The Denver Nuggets have announced a corporate sponsorship. Western Union will be the new corporate sponsor on their jerseys. The “WU” logo will now be featured as a patch on the left shoulder of the jersey with a color scheme to match. Vic Lombardi of Altitude sports did mention during the presser that more jersey changes will be coming next week.

The corporate sponsor is not unexpected. The Nuggets are now the 11th team to add an advertising patch to their jersey and it is assumed that over the next couple of years virtually, if not, all teams will have added an advertising patch to their gameday uniforms. To many’s dismay, Denver did not announce a new jersey design today, though that may still be coming. While going completely back to the 80s style rainbow skylines is probably not going to happen, the opportunity to change the jerseys with Nike taking over as the manufacturer is ample. All in all a new jersey is needed, the sky blues are a tired reminder of the Carmelo Anthony era and they failures there within. Here’s hoping there’s more news to come. Because adding a corporate patch and changing from the Adidas logo to a Nike swoosh is incredibly underwhelming.