Darrell Arthur will once again be receiving treatment on his knee in the offseason. After last year when DA had to undergo surgery on his knee late in the offseason and spent the entire season dealing with pain in his knee, he’s looking to try something a little different this offseason. According to Denver Nuggets insider Chris Dempsey, Arthur will undergo Regenokine treatment in Germany.

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I know what you’re saying, what the heck is Regenokine? Well, for starters it’s a treatment that is not approved by the FDA in the United States which is why DA is going to Germany to have it performed. Before you fly off the handle, know that this treatment has been around since the 1980s. Several prominent athletes including Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Fred Couples have had this treatment performed.

Regenokine is similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy in that it involves taking blood from a patient and then re-injecting it into an area of concern, in Arthur’s case his knee. However, PRP focuses on spinning blood at a high speed to separate platelets whereas Regenokine involves heating the blood to separate the anti-inflammatory proteins or cytokines. The goal is to reduce inflammation in a trouble area which may not only be a symptom of pain, but also a cause. The treatment is reported to have a 75% success rate, with the pain relieving effect lasting from 2-4 years. The heating of blood makes Regenokine treatment considered to require “minimal manipulation” of body tissue, which is what makes it barred by the FDA.

To learn more about Regenokine, or Orthokine as it is referred to in Germany, please check out this website, and this one.