The Denver Nuggets pulled off the unimaginable, defeating the Golden State Warriors in one of the best games of the NBA season, 112-110.

Danilo Gallinari was damn impressive, abusing the Warriors defense by getting to the free throw line 19 times on his way to 28 points. Steph Curry was even more damn impressive, with 38 points to bring the Warriors to the threshold of victory.

The Nuggets got the lead early in the first quarter, gave it up quickly in the second, took a 1-point lead into halftime, had a strong third quarter, and were able to hold on in the fourth quarter when Steph Curry started doing things like this.

That wasn't the play of the game though, because, in case you missed it, the Warriors lost. The play of the game was Danilo Gallinari stripping Steph Curry with 10 seconds left, diving on the ball and knocking it to Will Barton, who gave it up to Gary Harris who drew a foul on the Mole, Andre Iguodala.

That led to this reaction, and everything was coming up Nuggets:

I want to write more about the game, but honestly, I'm so freaking pumped I can't sit still. If you missed the game, I'm sorry. Try to find a replay. Read the comments. Go to your happy place. I apologize, but I'm just going to bask in the glory of this win. Best win of the season, unless the Nuggets make the playoffs and advance.

Three Thoughts

Gallinari was unstoppable. He was a matchup nightmare all night long. Without Draymond Green, the Warriors couldn’t stop Gallo from scoring, putting their hands on him drive after drive. Golden State made 16 free throws in the game, and Gallo had 17 on his own. He’s the team MVP, the team leader, and he put the Nuggets on his back and carried them to victory. At times, I swear he looked like Michael Malone out there – he’s becoming the image of what Malone wants for the Nuggets. A truly incredible game.

Darrell Arthur was unbelievable. Arthur picked up a double-double with a pull-up, contested mid-range jumper in the fourth quarter. Arthur played 26 minutes, and was huge, dunking, making jumpers, playing great defense, and taking advantage of the Warriors small lineups. Malone trusts him, and gives him minutes when the game is on the line, and tonight, he stepped up big time. Great game by Darrell.

Love me some Will the Thrill. Will Barton Sixth Man of the Year was back after a brief slump. Barton's jumper was as wet as the bottom of Chatfield Reservoir, and he was huge for the Nuggets. When Denver seemingly could only get points from Gallinari, Barton stepped up and made some big baskets. 21 points and six rebounds and they were all important.

EXTRA THOUGHT – Gary Harris was incredible. Harris is such a savvy player. He made smart cuts, took 3-pointers, and was great on defense, helping keep Klay Thompson to 17 points. 19 points and seven rebounds for the second-year guard, and he had himself another great, quiet game. Harris knocked down two free throws in the final minutes that were huge, and helped Denver stay in the lead. Honestly, he’d get the game ball if it wasn’t for Gallo.

Box Score

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Final Say