I wanted to pass along an article from the most recent edition of Denver's own 5280 magazine. The article was linked and there is an exclusive interview with the author Robert Sanchez over on Denver Stiffs.com.

A preview of what Sanchez's story Rebound is all about:

After more than two decades in the NBA, George Karl is one of the winningest coaches in professional basketball history. Privately, he’s finally become the man he always wanted to be. So why does everyone still think he’s such a loser?

Great interview on Denver Stiffs and a great article by Mr. Sanchez.

A snippet of Sanchez's style:

These days, George Karl looks more like a guy who got off the last bus from Albuquerque than the millionaire coach whose last losing season came during the Reagan administration. The guy's pushing two-and-a-half bills, and his gut stretches a pullover sweatshirt that falls over the waistband of his elastic gym pants. His Adidas shoes are scuffed. After two hip replacements and six knee surgeries, his walk no longer is a confident gait as much as the limp of a wounded elk searching for underbrush. He's got a nasty dog-bite scar on his upper lip. His facial features are swollen and tired; he has a wide forehead, bushy eyebrows, and long, graying hair in the back that's thinning everywhere else.Robert joined 5280 back in July of 2007 after a very successful career with the Denver Post. To read some of his other feature stories click here. I still recall when Mr. Sanchez was a guest speaker in one of my journalism classes in Denver and shared with us a great story "Jonathan's journey: The boy would would not die."