After reading the Nuggets Briefs in the Denver Post I wanted to share some thoughts in the jump on some Nuggets news.


I'm going to put some snippets from the article in and then comment on them sort of Snippet and Answer style!



The Nuggets’ top priorities are re-signing center Chris Andersen and likely working on a contract extension with coach George Karl, according to NBA sources.

Well, it's good to hear that the Nuggets will be focusing on allowing the Birdman to give and not get some ink when he signs his new contract.

Extending Karl … hmm … I wouldn't mind letting Karl coach through his current contract, which runs out at the end of this next season, before giving him a new expensive deal.



Denver could give Andersen an extra year if it means paying him less money next season to help with the salary cap.

I like this idea. Allow the front office and Andersen's agent to get creative with his contract and perhaps the Nuggets can use some MLE money on another player or two.



Meanwhile, the agent for unrestricted free agent Dahntay Jones said the “goal” is for Jones to return to Denver, but that Jones desires a multiyear deal. He signed with Denver last summer for one year at $926,678.

It’s always seemed funny to me that after having just one mediocre season with a team that a player or his agent thinks his guy is now worth a “multiyear deal.” They should call this the Erick Dampier or Adonal Foyle or Brian Cardinal rule.

Hey, I played pretty solid for a couple of months after being a pretty major disappointment for X number of years … now give me millions and let me put a stranglehold on your salary cap!

I'd let Dahntay walk.



Nuggets center Steven Hunter, injured this past season, is another (Mark) Bartelstein client. Hunter is set to make $3.8 million next season but can opt out July 1. His agent said he won’t opt out.

“As of right now, we’re not planning on doing anything,” Bartelstein said.

For once I'd like to see a player say, "You know, I'm not really worth anywhere near the $3.8 million I'm scheduled to make and by not opting out I'm really going to hurt this team that is on the brink of being a title contender."

You know … sort of like how Latrell Sprewell did when he infamously turned down a multi-million dollar extension because, "I've got a family to feed."

But instead, you have to do what is best for you because that team will trade you at the drop of a hat given the chance. And the Nuggets should trade Hunter ASAP. The only thing his contract is worth is the cap space number it represents in a trade.



Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony is joining buddies LeBron James and Allen Iverson on the client list of Leon Rose, a powerful NBA player agent, according to multiple sources.

Anthony’s previous agency was Bill Duffy Associates, where he was represented by Duffy and Calvin Andrews. Anthony’s camp confirmed he was leaving BDA and signing with Creative Arts Agency, which also employs the agents of Andersen and Renaldo Balkman.

Keith Glass discusses this EXACT thing in his book … PLAYERS LEAVING AGENCIES WITH ZERO CONSEQUENCES. I'm not familiar on the ins-and-outs of Melo changing agents, but if he's leaving his former one while still under contract with them then he's doing exactly what Glass hates.

Agents work very hard to sign players, yet they have no protection from other agencies swooping in and undoing all of their hard work.  Just imagine building something up from the ground and having it taken away just as soon as it's completed. Must be frustrating. (Although I realize it wasn't very difficult to market Melo!)



Anthony is busy in the coming weeks. MTV just filmed an episode of "Cribs" at his Denver home.

This should be pretty interesting. I wonder when they are going to rename this show, "Stuff you'll never be able to afford" … haha. I enjoy watching Cribs and seeing what these folks do with their houses. Usually pretty interesting and I'm a sucker for MTV …

I believe this will be Melo's second stint on the show … I believe his first appearance came when he was living in a penthouse in Downtown Denver.



Because the Nuggets' salaries were under the luxury-tax line of $71.15 million, Denver was one of the NBA teams that received a share of the money paid into a pool by teams over the line (those teams paid dollar for dollar). Warkentien estimated Denver received somewhere between $2 million and $3 million.

This is very interesting to me. I wonder if Kroenke will be even more willing to spend some extra loot next season because his front office did such a great job getting the team this extra cash. It's basically found money and there is nothing people love more than blowing found money … just ask plastic surgeons.



Nuggets guard J.R. Smith received a $600,000 bonus this season for playing more than 2,000 minutes and the Nuggets winning over 42 games.

This bonus basically says to me that whoever wrote up J.R.'s deal may have had this thought, "If this kid plays more than 2,000 minutes then we probably are not doing very well … so no way will we win 42 games!"

All joking aside, it's been great to see J.R. develop so well and earn himself a little bonus along the way. (Can't believe I just said $600,000 is a little bonus … the NBA, Where Playing with Monopoly Money Happens.)


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