One solid quarter was all the Nuggets could muster. It was a disaster after that.

First Quarter

Mozgov getting in to foul trouble (two early fouls) setting the tone for an underachieving quarter that Denver should have ran away with. Arron Afflalo was taking advantage of Bradley Beal in the post, Wilson Chandler was outworking the older and slower Paul Pierce, and the defense was keeping the Wizards offense in check.

Then it all fell apart. Once Mozzy sat, Bradley Beal broke the game open with three straight threes. Two came in transition, mainly due to Afflalo's lagging on defense. Wilson Chandler seemed to be the only Nugget that came to play, and Washington led at the end of the quarter

Second Quarter

Apparently everyone on the Wizards is a shot blocking-Dikembe Mutombo trainee. Nate Robinson tried to bring the Nuggets back with a few open jumpers, but it wasn’t enough as Denver fell behind by 19 at the half. Denver was shooting 39% from the floor at this point. Looking lethargic and tired. John Wall was turning every missed shot and turnover into a Wizards fastbreak. Ty Lawson had yet to hit a shot from the floor.

Third Quarter

More of the same. Chandler, Mozgov, and now Alonzo Gee seemed to be the only players that got sleep last night. A few Lawson drives early in the corner seemed to generate a few good looks, but the Nuggets defense was so poor (fouls and more fouls), that it didn’t matter. A 10-point quarter (20 over all) from Kris-freaking-Humphries (look at you Kenneth Faried) on a bundle of mid-range jumpers sums up what happened in this quarter. Wilson Chandler had 20 in the game at this point (while the rest of the starters had 25), including 10 points himself in the quarter.

Nuggets just getting out hustled in every part of the game. At least Ty Lawson hit his first field goal of the game in this quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Most of the benches came in at this point, with JaVale McGee entering the game for the first time……and he immediately gets dunked on by Nene. A minute later, he converts a crazy alley-oop from Lawson. That’s McGee for you. The story continued in the fourth, with more turnovers, less hustle, and a 31-point lead with 5:30 left in the game.

Ty Lawson did get his league tying 10th double-double (7th in a row), but in the end this was a disaster.