While the Suns took the streak away from the Nuggets, tonight's win could very well be the beginning of a new one for this gritty team. The Nuggets were clearly out with something to prove tonight and seemed to have an extra jagged edge against the Suns. The team's effort was noticeable all night long, and it was a pleasure to see the team not succumb to a Thanksgiving hangover. Both the starters and the bench seem to have finally clicked together and we're watching the best basketball out of this team that we've seen in a long, long time. This team looks nothing like the sorry team we saw earlier this year, and the metamorphosis is even better than I thought it'd be.

Tonight's victory returns the Nuggets to a .500 record and winners of 7 of their last 9 contests. They'll need to tap some of the energy they mustered tonight for a always-tough contest in Salt Lake City on Monday night against the Utah Jazz, but there's no reason that this team can't continue its streak of good play and claw their way into the playoff picture in the next 5 games.