The Denver Nuggets desperately needed a victory to end this weirdly scheduled road trip and to stop the three game losing streak, but they did not get it. They fought hard and hung tough for most of the game.

First Quarter

LOVE the way Ty Lawson set up Arron Afflalo for the first Nuggets basket of the night. He pushed toward the paint, got Vasquez to bite just enough to free AAA for an open 12-footer from the wing. A lot of good ball movement would be the trend here in the quarter and it would eventually lead to three straight three pointers for Wilson Chandler from the weak (left) corner.

The killer thing for the Nuggets in the quarter was the Raptors scoring at will in the paint. Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez, Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas just killed the Nuggets in the paint, especially Valanciunas. Every time Lowry or Vasquez would push toward the paint, Mozzy would show, there would be zero backside rotation from J.J. Hickson to protect the basket. Valanciunas had his choice of two-handed dunks and soft layups.

Second Quarter

Things looked like they were going to get out of control here for the Nuggets. Once again, Mozgov was showing on any and all penetrations by the perimeter players, leaving Valanciunas to score easily in the paint. Lou Williams also decided that he was going to drop 17 points in the quarter too. This was looking like another blow out, but the Nuggets tightened the defense up, forced four turnovers in the final three minutes, converted those into seven points and only trailed by ten points heading into the half.

Third Quarter

This was a huge turning point for the Nuggets. Ty Lawson was electric, so was Afflalo and Mozgov was equally as big too. The Nuggets pressure the Raptors into a lot of long range shots while Ty was cutting into the paint and finding open teammates all about. That is when the Nuggets are at their absolute best.

The Nuggets are at their worst when Mozzy thinks he can dunk in traffic with one hand.

Instead of a blowout that we were poised to be were are heading into the fourth quarter only down 82-81.

Fourth Quarter


Okay, I'll come down a bit and unfortunately so do the Raptors and Nuggets. The Nuggets led by Lawson, Arthur and Afflalo cling to a 3-5 point lead for most of the quarter until Patrick Peterson hits a three pointer with 28.4 seconds left.

Lawson dribbles for way too long and the Nuggets don't get a final shot off. Brian Shaw's offense everyone!

Kyle Lowry has a disjointed possession for the Raptors and he draws glass on a wild three point attempt as the buzzer sounds.

Terrence Ross was 0-7 from three point range in regulation, 0-9 from anything from beyond 18 feet. I believe someone wrote about that before the game.


Raptors have lost ten straight at home in overtime dating back to 2009.

Wilson Chandler starts off the OT scoring by hitting a three pointer from the left wing and then Terrence Ross responds with a three of his own. Well, curses to him and me writing what I wrote previously.

Mozgov helps again on the screen and roll, Nuggets burned by no backside rotation and just like that they are down four points. Honestly, if Toronto wanted to score 300 points tonight they could have run that play every trip down the court with Mozgov out of the court and they would have been successful.

Mozgov played 49 minutes tonight too, btw.

Arthur fouls out on a HUGE FLOP by Amir Johnson. HUGE FLOP! Lou Williams knocks down a three pointer on the ensuing inbounds play and hits the a three pointer. That is ball game. A spirited effort, but the Nuggets are going to drop this one, 112-107.

Will be back shortly with your full recap.