Well, you can’t win em’ all Nuggets Fans. Denver was unable to overcome the all around play of the Oklahoma City Thunder in a game that saw OKC give large minutes to its regular rotation, Oklahoma City wins 111-98. While Denver too would play many of it’s starters, the Thunder proved to have the better first unit, at least for now. The Nuggets fell behind early and never were able to recover.

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Box Score via ESPN.com

The Nuggets just couldn’t get it going tonight, largely due to some poor shooting. The three ball was particularly difficult for them to cash-in on. On the bright side however, Emmanuel Mudiay was able to get it going on the offensive end (though his turnovers were once again an issue) and Nikola Jokic was able to go despite banging his knee in the Phoenix game on Friday. Tonight’s game was an unfortunate slowing of the momentum the Nuggets have been building this preseason, luckily though they don’t start counting for another week!