Just before the year 2000, this country, perhaps the world, went into a bit of a panicked hysteria about a little something called Y2K. Basically, people were worried that computers were going to either shut down or come to life and attack us all – you can read more about it here. People were building bomb shelters and my buddy's mom was stockpiling bottled water that she still may or may not have.

But once the year 2000 rolled in and nothing major occurred, we all felt a little silly. The year 2000 ushered in innovations the likes of which have never been seen before. Perhaps the greatest thing about the year 2000 was the Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan film Proof of Life. I have to admit that I've never really watched the film, but I think I understand the premise. Ryan played Alice Bowman, her husband is kidnapped by some type of radical group of soldiers in South America and they demand a ransom. She hires Terry Thorne, Crowe, who has some serious skeletons in his closet, but is known for getting the job done.

Alice and Terry wind up forming a bond that could last three lifetimes. I'd be willing to bet that a small part of Alice wishes that her husband, Peter played by the quiet yet moving David Morse, would never be recovered so that she could live out her days drinking pina coladas on some beach with Terry. But alas, Peter is rescued and Alice must return to her boring life in suburban America.

Long story short, I joked around on Twitter that Arthur – who hadn't been seen or heard from since being acquired on June 27th – was missing and that we needed Proof of Life. Sure, he may have just been vacationing in Barcelona like Tim Connelly said, but what's the point of the interwebs if we can't have a little fun? Well, he has been spotted! Aaron Lopez, from Nuggets.com, caught up with Arthur for a nice interview.

A snippet:

"If your offense can't get going, there's never an excuse for your defense to be off," he said. "I just want to come in and be a spark plug at any position they put me in and any role they put me in."

And today, Lopez put out some video on Arthur going through some shooting drills at the Pepsi Center with assistant coach Chad Iske. You can watch that video here – Arthur shows off some range with his shot.

And since it's Friday – check out the carnage Crowe dished out in Proof of Life: click here!

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