Game 51: 2014-15 NBA Season

19-31 (7-18 on road)
Series 1-0 Nuggets
19-31 (9-16 at home)
February 4, 2015
The Palace- Detroit, MI
5:30 PM MT
NBA-LP / Altitude / 104.3 FM

Ty Lawson PG D.J. Augustin
Arron Afflalo SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Wilson Chandler SF Kyle Singler
Kenneth Faried PF Greg Monroe
Jusuf Nurkic C Andre Drummond
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JaVale McGee – out and not with team (flu)
Injuries Brandon Jennings (injured)
Nuggets are in a death spiral so severe it makes Kramer vs. Kramer look like a romantic comedy. Etc… The Pistons managed to play much better without Josh Smith. Color me shocked

The Detroit Pistons began playing much better, to the surprise of no one, when Josh Smith was cut. They have slipped back a bit as their point guard Brandon Jennings went down with an injury. However, despite their identical 19-31 record, they seem to be in a slightly better place than the Denver Nuggets who are currently circling the drain in the Western Conference. In fact, the Pistons are just 2 1/2 games out of the 8th spot in the East, which is remarkable considering how badly they started the season.

The Nuggets struggles are well known. Players don’t like the coach, coach doesn’t like the players. Meanwhile hard working bloggers have to resort to listening to Joy Division and wearing black. This is what you have done to me Nuggets! Are you happy??? ARE YOU???!!!!

Nevertheless we head ever onward. Actually, I like Joy Division. When I was in high school (mid 90’s) I had an affinity for early 80’s angsty rock/goth music such as Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy (which was more late 80’s … but whatever) Joy Division fit uncomfortably in there (though New Order, the band which came from Joy Div was definitely more electro synth rock) but whatever. Fact remains I’m full of angst and the only cure is Joy Div.

Love will tear us apart