Game 40: 2013-14 NBA Season



26-16 (11-10 on road)

Series 0-1

18-23 (12-9 at home)
January 20, 2015
Pepsi Center – Denver, CO
7:00 PM MT
Altitude / 950 AM

Tony Parker
PG Ty Lawson
Danny Green
SG Arron Afflalo
Kawhi Leonard
SF Wilson Chandler
Tim Duncan
PF Kenneth Faried
Tiago Splitter
C Jusuf Nurkic
Pounding the Rock Blogs Denver Stiffs
Varies from game to game to be honest. Ask Popovich 30 minutes before game time. Even then you can’t be sure. Injuries DANILO GALLINARI – Right Knee Meniscal Tear. Out JAVALE MCGEE – Left Lower Leg Strain. Out
Spurs be good. Good be Spurs. Etc… Want mid range? Want post ups from AAA? Want want a bevy of inefficient shots? Nuggets got you covered!

Lets face it. We all saw the Denver Nuggets yesterday and had the same thought: “This is a D-League team”. It was one of the most embarrassing losses than I can ever remember. Coming on the heals of losing to the woebegone Minnesota Timberwolves last Saturday it just compounded the misery.

The San Antonio Spurs come in to Denver and they hope to compound the Nuggets misery. The Spurs are finally playing like the Spurs again and the Nuggets are coming of playing a game yesterday. The goal, today, should be to keep the Spurs from pounding the Nuggets into submission. A certain amount of professional pride should take care of that, but you would have thought that was going to happen yesterday against the Warriors. So…

Hate to be so down, it’s hard not to look at the last two games and think rays of sunshine and puppy dogs. The Nuggets offense has been woefully inefficient which has been compounded by lane clogging post ups. The defense has changed from game to game, alternating between man to man and switching concepts. It’s just a mess. Along side that the Nuggets rotational difficulties have reared their ugly head once again and rookie Nurkic has regressed a bit the last few games with foul trouble.

It’s a mess that the Spurs hope to take advantage of. Hopefully things turn around for the Nuggets, starting tonight.