As was stated in a previous article, it truly is the week of podcasts at Denver Stiffs!

After Editor Adam Mares contributed his thoughts on a couple of national podcasts, and before some nice content comes out on Thursday and Friday, I have a nice treat for everyone.

I joined Sean Mackey and Alex Derickson on The Corner 3 Fast Break to talk about some Denver Nuggets history, some current events, and predictions for the coming season. This was my very first podcast, but I really enjoyed doing it. Ranging from the Carmelo Anthony saga, to some discussion about George Karl and the 57 win Nuggets, to some thoughts on current players and prospects, the podcast touches on some very fun topics.

It was good to get a chance to present some thoughts on Denver to an outside market, even though the Nuggets already had some support on the podcast (as you'll soon hear). I hope everybody enjoys it!