Les Shapiro re-joins us on the Colorado Sports Guys to go over the topic of the day, will Andre Iguodala re-sign with the Denver Nuggets? This was a major point of contention between Ross and Nate. It opens up a good question, would a fifth year come back to haunt the Nuggets if they sign Iguodala to that kind of contract? What will Iguodala’s abilities be at the age of 33 and 34? It’s a good question that we won’t have the answer to until then.

Also, we get Ross Martin's headlines, where we cover a myriad of subjects. I rant about the "Patriot Way" and the weird and horrifying tale that is Aaron Hernandez. Does the Broncos biggest rival have a hypocrisy issue with how they have handled Hernandez in the past, knowing that he is a shady character?

We also play the game that is sweeping the nation, Before and After, featuring Ross Martin. It was a rousing game that was won by a certain Denver Stiffs writer.

Thanks again to Les Shapiro for coming on the Show. He was fantastic as always and it made for a very enjoyable podcast.

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