This Week's Colorado Sports Guys podcast ran the gamut of emotions, action, excitement and intrigue. Carl Greenfountain of the website describes this episode of CSG as "a thrill a minute laugh riot". And Reginald Pennyfeather of the New Brittan Times Call says that CSG 112 was "a knee slapping good time and a roller coaster of zany fun".

Don’t just take those totally real reviewers at their word. No. Come enjoy CSG, as we debate all that is Colorado sports. This week we delve deep into headlines as Ross talks about Aaron Hernandez and his murder troubles. We also talk Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw, as well as the Nuggets new Vice President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly. Then Jeff’s segment “Things Jeff believes to be True” talks about how Miami winning the series would have nothing to do with some grand conspiracy to “let” them win. In a seven game series the best team always wins, and whomever wins this series will know they are the best team without the help of the refs.

Finally, Nate, Ross and Jeff give their top 5 sports blunders. An entertaining segment that brought out some excellent debate and discussion, particularly about the Denver Broncos and Bernie Bickerstaff. What are your top 5 sports blunders??

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

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