It's Colorado Sports Guys time again! We are whole again, as Ross Martin returns from his trips to Indianapolis and Atlanta to cover UFC and NASCAR respectively. It's a good thing too, because this episode of CSG is chalk full of Ross' famous Headlines.

We start off welcoming Ross back and going over some headlines. We discuss the dismissal of Craig James from Fox broadcasts (for making homophobic remarks during his State Senate campaign in Texas). Then we talk about what's going on in Russia (again), I make fun of Johnny Weirs oufit that he wore when interviewed by Kieth Olbermann, and Vladamir Putin.

Then we discuss the Broncos victory over the Ravens (or "Raisins" as I mistakenly called them) and how awesome the Broncos offense will be this year. We go in depth about Ross and Nate Timmons' experience attending the opening game of the season. Great stuff. Aside from misspeaking the nickname of the Ravens.

We wrap up the podcast with a discussion about Al Pacino and his career in movies. This free form discussion ranges from the excellent movies Pacino did in the 70's (The Godfather movies, Dog Day Afternoon) to the movie Heat, to … yes … even Gigli. It's all there folks.

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