This week, the big Stiff himself Andrew Feinstein joins Nate Timmons and myself for a great evening of sports talk fun on Colorado Sports Guys. We recorded at Jakes Food and Spirits on 3800 Walnut St. in Denver. This is the first podcast the three of us have done together since early 2012.

Since Ross Martin was gone this week (covering a UFC fight in Indianapolis today, he will be gone next week as well, covering the Advocare 500 in Atlanta, GA … this coverage will not be used however) Nate took over his headlines. This covered a myriad of topics, and we drifted (as usual) on to other subjects. We talk about Peyton Manning and his status in Denver, which we conclude will likely be more along the lines of Ray Bourque than John Elway. We wrap Headlines up with a brief chat about Ty Lawson and his recent legal issues.

On to my rant, this week it is about my article on ESPN pulling out of the Frontline documentary on concussions in the League. We recap the column and postulate theories about how this will affect the NFL long term. With youth participation in football declining exponentially maybe the affect on the NFL has already been felt and will be felt for a long while.

We wrap things up with the changing demographics of NBA ticket buyers and reminisce about old McNichols Arena and Andrew's time at TNT in the 90's.

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